Monday, 21 July 2014 23:34

About the Desert King Watermelon

Written by Crystal Johnson

Last year at the Los Angeles Time The Taste, I had the opportunity to try a yellow watermelon. Yes, a watermelon that looks virtually the same on the outside but yellow instead on pink in the inside. It is called the Desert King Watermelon. This fruit grows well in dry conditions. 

It seems that everyone in the Tidewater Area of Virginia seems to know about the Founder's Inn. Now whether they have been or not is irrevelant. Located at Regent University which is also the headquarters for CBN(Christian Broadcasting Network). Now that we have talked about "location, location, location', let's talk food. I was invited to dine with my mother while visiting Virginia. She wanted the buffet but I am more of Dinner at Swan Terracean order straight from the menu gal. I think Chef's get to show off more. The menu was pretty safe s but it made some interesting twists like cheesy chipotle grits and sweet potato soup. I was also impressed with the cabbage mixed with kernels of corn. However, I did glance at the menu and it was definitely more exciting including of roasting pig for eight at $250. That comes with sides. Also there is a fairly priced afternoon tea on Saturday.

Let me begin with, "What a pleasure." A friend of mine has been suggesting Nick's Fish House & Grill to me for a review by MCCN for years. Well, finally I made it to Baltimore and I have to recommend this place strongly. It is a great place for friends to get together and a romantic place for couples. Nick's is located right along a pier and you have a gorgeous view. Moreover, the food does not disappoint.

Chef Gilberto Centina , owner the Los Angeles restaurant Chichen Itza presents his new cookbook Sabores Yucatecos, the Spanish version.   An English version of the book was published first. The acclaimed cookbook won the First Place Award for Best Cookbook in the Latino Literacy Now’s 2013 International Latino Book Awards. The English version was the first cookbook written of it’s kind with a focus on cuisine of the Yucatan.

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