The concept is as simple as a food establishment can get without being a lemonade stand: doughnuts, fried chicken, coffee. Sweet, savory, and the caffeine to stomach it all and carry on with your day. For such an abbreviated menu to work, you must nail every little detail, and Federal Donuts, which first opened in Pennsport to ravenous reviews and rolled out a second location in Center City shortly after, does just that. First: get a cup o' coffee and a piping hot made-to-order yeast doughnut with flavored sugar such as vanilla and lavender, or opt for the pre-made cake variety in fancier flavors like strawberry ginger and cookies-and-cream. Don't forget the chicken with a chili-garlic glaze as a post-sugar treat (cause why not eat desert first?). If dining at the Sansom St. location, don't stick around to eat at the awkward school desk seating; instead, order it to go and eat like a king in Rittenhouse Square.

When it comes to Scandal's Olivia Pope, people want to know. MCCN did some digging about those popcorn wine glasses we regularly see the fixer, fixing herself a glass to drink of red wine. They go for about $13 each.

It was Tuesday night and the restaurant called Carnivale located in a strip mall was packed at 7PM.  On this night, I dined with six other people upon recommendation of one the persons from our party.  With a large group, we were able to  come to a general consensus of sentiment regarding the restaurant.  We  were all pleased with appetizers, the main courses were generally lackluster and the desserts deserved a round of applause.  Of the three desserts ordered, everyone was raving over the baklava.  


Colombia, the world's best-known producer of coffee, ranks second worldwide in yearly production. Colombia takes this position seriously and works very hard to maintain a high standard of excellence. The result is consistently good coffee grown carefully and with great pride on thousands of small family coffee farms across the country. An extremely rugged landscape provides the perfect natural environment for the growth of the coffee. But a terrain so rugged has also made it historically difficult to transport the harvested coffee beans to production and shipment centers.

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